Still the one I dream of ...

By Rebecca Varidel

Wondering about the title of this article? It's named "Still the one I dream of ..." because I've always enjoyed rosé. Those in the know - the French - always have. Rosé in France outsells both white and red wine (or so I'm told). Here in Sydney I've requested, insisted even, that my favourite eateries and watering holes offer a rosé by the glass. Friend, Stuart Knox of Fix St.James obliged. Australian rosé by the glass was waiting for me on the wine list at my local pub - the Hunters Hill Hotel. And I've always got a bottle in the 'fridge (ready for a glass) at home. 


Perhaps my love of a beautiful crisp clean rosé springs from within my food core. While food and wine pairing is I believe an inherently personal experience, my fondness for rosé stems from the wine's versatility - it matches well with just about any food. 


Late last year at a Veuve Clicquot function, I had an epiphany. Don't you just love that word. Even better don't you love it when you have one. My epiphany was pronounced. It was one of the most delightful food matches I have uncovered in recent times. The wine was a Rosé Champagne. The new delight sensation was in the match of Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rosé 2004 with pork crackling. Salt. Fat. Airy. Crunch. Crisp. Dry. Fruit. Bubbles. One thing leads to another and I've taken that discovery to another level - now with duck crackling. 


The gentle low tannin and fruit of any fine rosé though is simply the best way to lazily sit back and enjoy the Australian summer - bubbles or not. Think summer and an Aussie BBQ is usually front of mind. From the plump moist sweetness of bar-b-qued Spencer Gulf king prawns to spicy marinated chicken satay skewers, rosé works well with all.


Food matching options with rosé are almost endless. Rosé is not just for sipping on a summer's day. I encourage you to drink (and match) rosé at any time of year. Rosé creates food romances - a happy ever after ending - with salt, sweet, spice and in fact the whole flavour spectrum - matched with European, American and Asian cuisines. My seasonal eating choices to match with rosé come from all over the globe. What are my personal favourites? I'm always up for: 

• Tapas - Jamón Ibérico is the ultimate luxury rosé match 

• Seafood - award winning Kinkawooka mussels reach even greater heights accompanied by rosé 

• Fish - try raw salmon slices lightly marinated in rosé for the ultimate ceviche, then drinking rosé also becomes a must on the side. 

• Poultry - rosé works with all the usual suspects but extend yourself with the delicious matches of turkey and goose 

• Rice - from the Spanish BBQ of seafood paella to the saffron soul of Risotto Milanese rosé creates a heart connection 

• Pork - it's not just the crackling that works ... drink with any and all cuts.

 ... and the list goes on ... 


What's the last word on matching food with rosé? It's gotta be - Cheese. 


Rebecca Varidel is a freelance taste and travel writer with personal website Follow Rebecca on Twitter @frombecca

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